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Patch Notes 0.0.56

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Hey, Cabbagers! How's it going? We made some improvements to the game. Here's what changed.

Feature Updates

Defensive launch pad - more balanced

  • The first version of the launch pad had no cooldown and could be used with no limit. So we decided to add a 3 seconds cooldown between each use to make it more balanced.

Golden Cabbage (Overtime)

  • Now resets as a goal was scored and moves to overtime mode

  • New banner when switching to overtime

  • New and improved golden cabbage material

EOS integration - substantial progress

  • We are working hard to integrate EOS (Epic Online Subsystem) into our game. which means we can have our game up and running in the Epic store and manage everything there! More on this in future updates

Bug Fixes

  • Characters voice overs are now more balanced

  • Ball indicator showed when a player was high with the ball

  • Throw slider froze when canceled by the player or cc ability

  • Ability preview aim problem when there is a wall behind the character

  • Camera clipping caused aim issues


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