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Patch notes 0.0.58

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hey, Cabbagers! How's it going? We keep updating the game as usual : ) Here are the latest changes:

Epic Game Store

  • That's right, Cabbageball now can be played directly from the Epic Game Store (using private access keys) If you want access to the game, join our discord server, where we publish updates on upcoming playtests.

Feature Updates

Warrick's ground stomp alter mode - self boost

  • The first version of the Ground Stomp alter-mode allowed Warrick to launch teammates into the air. After some playtests, we have decided to change it to Self Launch, which is much more effective and usable.

Character selection - more voiceovers

  • On ready pressed voiceovers for Shane, Jane, and Warrick

  • VFX when selecting a character

Game statistics

  • We now keep score on actions players made during the game (Goals, assists, blocks, etc)

  • It is possible to see your score and/or your teams using the Tab key during the game

  • The results will be displayed on the post-match screen

Bug Fixes

  • Characters voiceover balanced

  • Fixed showing the ball indicator while a player is holding the cabbage

  • Fixed throw slider freezing when canceled by the player or ability

  • Fixed ability preview aim problem when there is a wall behind the character

  • Fixed camera clipping into objects that may cause aim issues


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