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Patch notes 0.0.61

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Release date: 22/07/23

In-Game Store - fully functional Play games, earn cabbage coins, and customize your heroes to your best liking.

Shane - New store items

Shane finally got new sets of items to buy from the store. Mix and match his appearance and find what suits him best.

Bug fixes:


  • Jump pad - was not usable when with ping higher than 100ms

  • Cannot pick up the ball near the gate

  • Warrick slap triggered score event twice

Animation & VFX:

  • Vineroot animation was still triggering on Warrick while charging

  • The volley effect was triggering on a player holding the ball

  • Shane's post-match animation was not looping

  • Jane's post-match animation made her float in the air

  • The ball indicator stayed when picking the ball up in some cases


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