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James lock & the Ghost of Areves

Chapter 01 


James! James! Where are you?!

(Someone is screaming)


"Here you are!

thank Oro... come fast!"

Wow, hey Sara, what's wrong?

"Come fast! It's your father!

My father?! What's wrong?!

Sara began running...

My heart started racing.

I'm running after Sara. She crosses her finger and let out a high pitch weasel

"Jozy!" She yells

Come on, James! Run faster...

Suddenly a beautiful "Nore" is flying down from the sky.

"Hop on! We have no time," - she said as she jumps on Jozy's back.

I jumped on her back and were off... Jozy sour to the sky with so much speed I almost fell off her tail

I've always wanted to raid a Skydancer, but now I can't even process it

my mind is only thinking about my father.

"What has happened to my father, Sara?" I asked loudly as the wind blasting through our ears,

Sara is not answering.

I don't know if she heard or ignoring me.

I try to glimpse at her face to see if I can get an answer, and then I see it...

She is crying...

Why is she crying?!

What is going on?!

My heart starts beating fast, and I can feel my tears rising.

What's wrong, Sara ?! What has happened to my father? I ask in panic...

Sara says nothing

She grabs my leg...and

I've felt it...

I have felt here pain...

I started crying.

Where starting to land and

I see from above a gathering of people.


"James, jump!" Sara said as she jumps from Jozy's back.

I try to jump off, but I got stuck. I've fallen straight on my face...


I lift my head, and everyone is looking at me...


I race through the crowd, and I think my nose is bleeding...

Everyone is moving away as I began racing the center...

Then I saw him


My father... laying on the ground, Shredded to pieces...


Haaaaaaaaa!!!!! Papa!!!!


I don't know how to touch him...

Who did this?! I scream!

Omg, papa!

No no!

He is just scattered there's.. like some pieces of meat...


Sara approached me and tried to hug me...

"Leave me alone!!!"

Who did this?!



We don't know James..., Try to calm down.


No one saw anything...


What...what kind of creature will do that?

Papa was the best breeder I knew he would never!


It's a creature we haven't met, James... The marks are not something we

we don't understand...


Papa... I cry over his body.



*3 hours later*


Come, James, there is nothing we can do now...

Come ill make you something to eat. You must be starving.


What am I going to do, Sara?


"for now, all you have to do is come home with me. We will talk about everything you want tomorrow, but for now, let's get you cleaned up and put something in your belly.


I grab her hand and go with her.


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