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James lock & the Ghost of Areves

Chapter 01 


*1 month later*


6:00 am, I get up...

I live with Sara and her mom for now...

They said they have an extra room and would love if I could stay and help and take care of the Moonies...

I know it's just because they feel sorry for me...but I'm acutely quite grateful they've asked.

I don't know how I would manage on my own right now...


I try not to think about that image too much...but I have to find out what did this to him…


6:30 I finish feeding the Moonies, cute little fluffs...they look like a feathery ball with big can't help but smiling when you see them... And they are so many!

Feeding them is not an easy task...

Moonies travel in large packs, like fish in the sea.

They don't have a strong defense though. They are really on numbers and, well... lack.


For that reason they really love people,

that's why you can always find one around here, we shelter them, and they let us make cloth out of their fur ...

All I can say is that you'll probably go won't cold around here.


As I enter the house from the garden, I see Sara's mom.


"Hey James, Good morning," she says. Her voice is so calming. I can understand why Sara is so calm all the time...


Hey, misses Blik. I have just finished with the moon's...


"Thank you, James it's so fun having a man around the house to help with the chores. She smiled


"Are you hungry?

Always, I answer before she could finish the sentence.

"haha, you really are always hungry. Come sit, haha."


Misses Blik's food is always so good, me and dad I never had this cooking in our home.

I'm quite sorry my dad and misses Blik never got together. I think they could have really hit it off.


7:00 am

Sara wakes up, "his mom, breakfast smells amazing. I'm so hungry!"

"Come and eat, love," she answered.

"Have you seen James mom? Or is he still sleeping ?" Sara asked

"You must know by now, Sara. He grabbed something and raced to the library, as he does every day for the past month."


"Yea… I knew you would say that. I just hoped for once he'll take the day a bit more easily. But instead, he studies all day, does his chores, and sleeps…then he back to it again the next day."


"Don’t forget he eats a lot in between"  she smiled.

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