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James lock & the Ghost of Areves

Chapter 01 


Hey, I'm James, and today is my 16th birthday, which means in two years, I'll be at the right age to enroll in the breeder's army.


You see, currently, I'm living in "Bardos" - the city of "Breeders" - one of the 8 tribes living here in Ro Island.


For the most part, our island is peaceful, although in the past 10 years or so

people started disappearing, farms were burnt, and creatures began to wander places they shouldn't.


Actually, there is a tribe council right now where all the grownups are trying to figure what's going on.

Apparently, someone has found something.

My father rushed so fast out of the house that he left the stove open.


As children, we are not allowed to attend the tribe's council, we have to focus on our school's work.

And I can understand why.

"Our school is one of the best schools in all of the Lagals Floating Island System!" my father used to say.

I can understand why he said that.


In fact, our school and all of our tribe is detected to the life, care, and knowledge of the creatures living here in Ro.

We learn how every one of them eats, sleep, mate, what makes them happy, and what never to do around them, and believe me, there are A Lot of creatures here.


My favorite type is the Skydancers, a family of highly intelligent creatures that can fly with such elegance and grace

one of them, the flying whales, are told to be famous in other worlds since of their giant size and love of travel.

Their sound is said to calm the angriest of "Jakles," another creature you wouldn't want to meet alone.


In school were not only learning how they are. We learn how to interact with them and help them.


You see, Ro is based on a type of connection between all living things, its somewhat hard to explain, but from my basic understanding, it's like we have to help each other stay alive.


Let's take, for example, the "Rainhorns," beautiful giant serpent-like creatures who are wonderful at digging tunnels due to their sharp horn on their head - with their help, we have built a huge tunnel system that runs all across our tribe.

But their problem is they can only eat water-based plants that grow in rocky mountain tops and cannot get there alone, end even if they could get there is rarely enough to feed their giant body's


 We help them by growing this kind of plants here in our village, and in return, they help us with the gardening task we have around the tribe, such as preparing the ground for seedlings.

They also help us explore and find rare minerals that can be found only deep in the ground.

One of my dear friends - Rumos, has a Rainhorn, and I can tell you, once you get the hang of it, it's so much fun raiding them, although you need to bring googols to keep the sand from your eyes.


Raiding is also a big part of our tribe, as it's the main source of income our tribe has.

We raise and train creatures to be mounts and companions to other tribes here living here at Ro.

One day ill like to become a great breeder myself and even compete in the "Zorx racing Olympics."

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