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Enlightened art image

Enlighten are said to be chosen by Oro himself as protectors of magic and balance in Ro Island.

No one knows why or how Oro chooses one to be Enlightened, but all who possess the marking of Oro can manipulate Magic and Aura.

The enlightened can even write magical scrolls as extensions of their power that even non Enlightened people can use. 


As it is clear to all that the marking makes you Enlightened, most who are born with it are sent to the mountains to train and learn the sacred arts.


Breeders art image


The breeders are a unique tribe that has dedicated their lives to understand and nurture the creature inhabiting Ro.


Since the dawn of Ro island, Breeders and creatures have had an interconnection between them, as each helps the other survive and flourish the land.


From youth, the tribe teaches his youngs about the different types of creatures.

How to approach & cultivate a relationship with them, and what never to do around them.


The Breeders give protection and comfort to the creatures,

And as gratitude, the creatures act as loyal companions


Breeders can also help others learn the beautiful art of taking care of a creature thous helping other tribes connect with those beautiful beings.


The Grower tribe is the botanists of Ro island. They can tell the weather by looking at nature and have a deep understanding of alchemy and botanica.

With their knowledge, they can produce magical potions that can help them and others, from vitality potions to disappearing potions. There are no bounds to what one can concoct when posses the knowledge. 


While everyone can join the Growers tribe, only those who see and feel the earth are capable of reaching high levels of alchemy

Grower art image
Mechanies art image


The Mechanics were the first to understand the powers of the crystals that are found all over Ro island. With their sharp minds, they can build almost anything.

The first mechanics have built the grate train system that runs all over the island and connects all the tribes. 


From armor suites to flying vehicles, mechanics are always at the tip of technology. 


The Giants tribe is known for its size and strength. Due to their phasic, they can often be found in the army or the building industry.

Although they are calm, you wouldn’t want to anger them, as they can demolish everything around them when they feel treated.


One thing is sure, with a giant by your side, you are well protected.

Gaints art image
Healers art image


The Healers are in charge of the well-being of all life on Ro, from rejuvenating burnt fields to healing creatures and humans. The healer’s job is to make sure balance is kept.


Only as one reaches complete equilibrium within himself can he become a healer.

Due to this fact, healers are often found in the justice department of Ro island


The fang tribe relay on its animal insects to know its surroundings. With their sharp eyesight and smell, they can direct the smallest of changes in the air. Due to this fact, they are great trackers and can help travel pass safely in the dense jungles within Ro. 


Fangs are often found alongside Growers, as they help growers find plants and herbs.

Fangs art image
Neats art image


Small and agile are the neats. From a young age, they learn how to maximize their body to withstand the harders of conditions. The tribe believes that tough love builds character, so the child born into the Neats tribe goes through hard physical and mental training. In adulthood, neats are primarily drafted to the army or the police force of Ro.

The Island of Ro

Cabbageball is played all throw-out Ro's island
what is Ro Island, you ask? Well... 

~ At first, there was light, then came prosperity, then Ro


“Oro - god of light “ & “Nafiki - goddess of prosperity “  had a wonderful bond

Nafiki needed light for her creations to survive and flourish and Oro was rejoiced to see his light helping life grow and prosper”.


The two fell in love over the decades and decided to have a creation together, and thus "Ro Island" was born


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