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Come and see the creature here in Ro Island 

#01 - Rainhorn

Family - Crawlers

This giant serpent is one hell of a builder, with his huge horn placed on top of his head he is able to dig tunnels and help the people on Ro with finding rare crystals and with gardening tasks 

#02 - Nore

Family - Skydancers

Beautiful and highly intelligent beats are the Nore's , but don't be mistaken by their calm appearance, make them mad and you'll see their other side.... 

#03 - Jakles

Family - Pryscar

jakles are strong canine creatures capable of crashing the strongest of materials, be sure not to anger one as their tamper is highly aggressive 

#04 - Moonies

Family - Fullfs

Moonies are one of the cute creators in Ro Island - they have no defense and are really on numbers to stay alive.

they always look for a human companion for shelter and are happy to give their fur in return 

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