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Come and see the creature here in Ro Island 

Rainhorn art image

#01 - Rainhorn

Family - Crawlers

This giant serpent is one hell of a builder, with his huge horn placed on top of his head he is able to dig tunnels and help the people on Ro

Rainhorns can only eat water-based plants that grow in rocky mountain tops & cannot get there alone even if they manage to get there, there is rarely enough to feed their giant body's, that's why they really on the people in Ro island to grow food for them and in return they help 

you can almost always see a little birds flying around them, eating their scales... the birds get a nice meal and the Rainhorn stays fresh and clean 

#02 - Nore

Family - Skydancers

Beautiful and highly intelligent are the Nore's - despite their sizes they can fly with grace and elegance suited for the Skydancer's family  


While they are not the fastest of Skydancers their long tail helps them maneuver and makes them one of the most agile creatures in their family

Don't be mistaken by their calm appearance, make them mad and you'll regret the day you've met one

Nore art image

#03 - Jakles

Family - Pryscar

Jakles are strong canine creatures capable of crashing the strongest of materials, they are highly loyal to their pack making them a great companion for travels looking to stay safe on the roads.

They can also catch small pray easily, their problem is the  cold - due to their short fur they cannot withstand the freezing conditions of the winter, therefor there life spwan if raised alone is short.

that’s why you could always see them snuggle close to the campfire, in the snowy winter you can see them wearing cloth made from Moonie's fur to keep them warm.

be sure not to anger one as their tamper is highly aggressive

Jakles art image

#04 - Moonies

Family - Fullfs

Moonies are one of the cute creators in Ro Island - they have no defense and are really on numbers to stay alive.

they always look for a human companion for shelter and are happy to give their fur in return 

#05 - Kronin

Family - Nightvers

Kronins are tough creatures. They originate in the vast barren land of Arves.
Some kronins choose to travel between the islands by flight,
Which is almost impossible for a living creature to go through without mechanic's technology. Some of them make it through the task thanks to their steel feathers, surviving the meteorite hits on the way.
The few kronins who make it to ro can team up with a human companion, leaving their old lineages behind and forfeiting their bloodline.
The reason they do it is yet to be known

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