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Tribe - Giants


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Double Slap

Warrick Swings his hand left and right, knocking back anyone who is in his way

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Warrick began his journey in Greyhold, the Giants trib’s central city.
His father, Yello, was a high-rank chief in the “Elyss guard” who was killed in a mysterious mission when Warrick was sixteen.
Following his father's footsteps, Warrick joined the army at eighteen, swearing to find the one responsible for his father's sudden death.
Six months passed and Warrick and his team were sent to investigate an arson near Ventra, the grower's tribe's central city.
When they arrived, the whole area was utterly burnt down.
“Do you see any magic residue, Wern?” Hermes, the team’s captain, asked one of the other soldiers.
“The machine shows nothing, sir,” answered Wern.
“Shhh, everyone, quiet… can you hear this? “another soldier said.
The soldier, Janus, was from the Fang tribe. They were known to have excellent earring smell and sight.
“Formations! Now!” Janus yelled.
The whole team formed into formations. Then, the team's grower used his powers to make some vines reach from the ground and form a barrier around the team.
Warrick grabbed his massive shield and held it above everyone.
Hermes started to chant a unique chat, and his hand started to glow.

“It's coming, and it's fast, “ said, Janus said.
The team scanned the area when a massive blow hit Warrick’s shield.
Surprised by the massive force, Warrick tripped, fell, and left a small opening.
Then an unknown shadowy creature grabbed Janus by the neck and pulled him like a small twig, throwing him away from the formation.
Then more creatures came and tore him apart.
The next was Wern. When he tried to grow the vines to close the opening of Warrick’s shield, the creature slashed him with one swoop.
NO Wern! Warrick yelled.
Everything happened so fast that the fear overcame Warrick, who froze.

Only Hermes and Warrick were left, and it seemed the creatures were about to end them.
Hermens used his power to raise a magical barrier on them, but the creature’s hard blow seemed too much for him to handle.
Warrick! Pull it up! Pull up your shield. I will try to get us out. I need to use the emergency teleport scroll. I need you to stall it for a few moments!
Warrick was just shocked and could not move.
Warrick! Hermes yelled again.
Warrick snapped out of his shock for a moment, grabbing the creature’s hand and throwing him a couple of meters from them.
It was just in time for Hermes to take out the scroll are chant the writing on it.
The creature leaped forward as if he understood what they were trying to do.
Warrick saw what was going to happen. He picked his shield up and protected Hermens.
“Fast, Hermes! I can't hold him for long,” Warrick yelled as the creature pounded the shield, almost braking it.
The Creature then howled in a strange language Warrick did not understand, and the other creatures ran towards Warrick and Hermes.
Hermes!!!! Warrick yelled as the final blow of the creature broke Warrick’s shield, and the metal shards perched on his leg.
Hermes finished his chant, and he and Warrick disappeared in the nick of time.

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