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Tribe - Growers


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Vine Root

Shane summons a vine root to stun an opponent upon hit.

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Shane begins his story in Ventra, the central city of the growers' tribe. His family is well known, and his father is the head of the biggest potion chain store in Ro Island. But, growing up, Shane had no interest in the family business. He loved everything to do with plants and nature, but the thoughts of brewing potions bore him to death.
In the last attempt to convince him about the beauty of brewing,
Shane's father decided to send him to the Grower master "Sander."
When Shane arrived at Miri, the city where Sander lived, he discovered she was the original inventor of Cabbageball.
"Those kids stole my cabbages all the time, had no chance but to create this game, then I've been asked to enhance cabbages all the time. The game took off, and they wanted it to be played in Zork's Olympics. Funny how life sends you anonymous gifts."
"You're the inventor of Cabbage Ball ?" Shane asked in excitement.
"I can't believe my father sent me here. I thought it was a myth that a master grower invented the game. That's awesome!"
"You can go and play if you want to," Sander quietly said
"Really??? You mean I don't have to learn how to brew here?"
"Do what you want, child, if one doesn't want. No matter the teacher, he will not learn."
"Wow!, thanks Sander, you are the best."

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