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Tribe - Neats


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Sliding knock

Jane slides to the ground, trying to tackle her opponent. If she is successful, the opponent will be knocked to the ground.

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Jane begins her story in Nuaz, the city of the neats tribe.
As all neats, she began training at the age of six. Her mother, Lara, was the town chief and had Jane work twice as hard.
Her training began at 6:00 am with the other girls her age, but when all others finished their training by 2 pm. Jane was starting her mother's training rousing. "Look at your morning training as the warm-up." she used to tell Jane so often.
By 16, Jane was at the top of her class in strategy and fitness.
It was her birthday when her mother told her it was time to join "swift." - a special force of the neats tribe responsible for carrying out the Chief missions. Usually, you can apply for the Swift at age 18, but Lara wanted her daughter to join now.
When jane heard the news, she confronted her mother. "Mom, no! I don't want to join Swift. I'm tired of working out all the time.
I have no friends and no social life. All I do is train and learn! I'm sick of it. Lara slapped Jane across the face.
"Don't you backtalk to me! I'm the chief, and if you want to be the chief one day, you'll do what I say, got it?!"
"Who told you I want to be chief?!. Jane answered
Take your "you first" attitude and shove it! I'm done with all of this!
Jane stormed out and headed towards the forest.
"That mother! What does she think? Am I just a puppet? She didn't once ask me what I wanted.
I need to get out of this place and fast."
Jane waited till dawn and boarded the first train.
"Time to create my own story," she thought to herself as she saw Nauz fading away.
She took two years to explore the main cities of Ro island.
During that time she learned more about herself than anything else.
One day she arrived at Ventra, the main grower city, and saw a Cabbage Ball match. She fell in love with the game and decided to become a pro player.

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